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Extra Cool! Welcome to Gallery Two!

Here, you will find mostly color pencil illustrations (some with acrylic paint) on illustration board or paper.

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After Hours, paintings by DC Langer

Southbound, paintings by DC Langer
Downtown, paintings by DC Langer
Oversoul, paintings by DC Langer
Crazy Love, paintings by DC Langer
From the Heart, paintings by DC Langer
Power of Love,  painting by DC Langer
Swept Away, painting by DC Langer
Nothin' but the Blues, painting by DC Langer
Born to be Blue, painting by DC Langer
Strings of Blues, painting by DC Langer
Vases, DC Langer, illustrator
Rivals, DC Langer, illustration
Moon Over Miami, DC Langer, Illustrator
40 LOVE, tennis artr by DC Langer
Food, Illustration by DC Langer
Holding Hands, Illustration by DC  Langer
Profile, the Ride, DC Langer, illustrator
Bike Race,  Illustration by DC Langer
Fan, Illustration by DC Langer
Brooklyn, Illustration by DC Langer
Deco Drive, DC Langer, Illustrator
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